• To make, sell & deliver world Class profitable products and services that satisfy our consumers' and deliver sustainable and profitable growth through passionate and empowered associates who are focused on innovation, quality and efficiency while remaining committed to the environment and community they operate in.
  • Our aim is to be a profitable, regional and fast-growing company, while pursuing innovation, and efficiencies in everything we do.
  • We will pursue our objectives while consistently providing returns to our shareholders, delivering quality choices to our customers, and maintaining a healthy working environment.
  • Our mission, and the essence of our existence, is to identify and realize our customers' future needs, despite the persistently challenging market environment
  • We will enhance our ability for providing high-quality services from a customer-first perspective toward expanding our business volume as well as achieving sustainable growth for the Group overall and stable returns to shareholders.
  • In addition, we will fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and member of society.