My Strength

Our production, quality and projects pursue excellence, but at the same time we know how to adapt to the challenges facing our markets, swiftly and with agility. We are responsible and transparent in everything we do. As active members of our communities, we think globally and act locally. We work together, in harmony, alongside our communities and seek to preserve the natural environment for future generations. This commitment allows us to have a positive influence on the relationships we maintain with our clients, suppliers and peers. Honesty, integrity and respect for society and the environment help us grow in a solid and respectful manner.

Our Employees

Our employees at MMG comprise the corporate family and are the company's most important corporate resource As MMG, we uphold high standards of personal conduct at work and carry out responsibilities in the best possible manner. In addition, we treat our fellow employees with trust, utmost respect and dignity. The company and employees are committed together to ensure our environment is a clean, safe, productive, comfortable, healthy, rewarding, stimulating and fun place to work.

Our work environment is open and participative to promote good relations and positive change.

Our Customers

We recognize that without our customers we do not exist as a business. Consequently, we are committed to develop and maintain exceptional customer relations built on mutual trust, respect and loyalty and to constantly and consistently meet our customers' expectations. We identify our customers' expectations, responding to changing trends and demands.

Our Innovation

Innovation and creativity are fundamental catalysts for the business future success. Accordingly, we continue to innovate in our beverages business as per Coca-Cola standards and requirements. We have a dedicated research and development laboratory working non-stop trying out new methodologies to provide better products. It is because of this that our suggestion for slim cans and smart cans concept has been adopted and appreciated by Coca-Cola in India which has boosted the market share for Coca-cola.

Similarly in the Oil and Gas business, our continuous endeavor on research has been appreciated by ONGCL wherein in a record breaking six month period, across 08 sites in Tamilnadu we had successfully commissioned Gas dehydration units with a technology tested in Indian waters for the first time. All these plants are running successfully for over a period of more than a year as of now.

We keep ourselves informed of developments in our industry and stay abreast of changes that could improve our performance, and production. We encourage and rewards staff members who exhibit team spirit, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Our Integrity

We pride ourselves in being a highly ethical company that respects relationships and the dignity of the individual. We obey the laws, produce safe products, protect the environment, and practice equal employment and fair labor. We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our environment, animals and community and are socially responsible.

We have always believed MMG has a positive impact on the communities we serve. It is our vision that together we will elevate our partners, customers, suppliers and neighbors to create positive change. We work towards building and operating the business, minimizing our environmental footprint and inspiring others to do the same. Creating opportunity through education, training and employment, strengthening communities by welcoming all and creating impact on issues that matter.